Boho Skirts

  boho skirt  

The bohemian style of clothing is an unconventional style common with creative types, and those after more unique attire. The word ‘bohemian’ comes from the French word for gypsy; bohémien, which was the name given to central European refugees. Ironically, this style that has grown to appeal to such fashion-conscious people, originated from a society which had very little interest in fashion.

split skirt

This style has become popular among hippy cultures, and is very common at festivals and cultural events, especially those events with roots in the late 60s and early 70s, when bohemian fashion first became popularized by the hippy movement. Events such as Woodstock, the Isle of Wight Festival, and the Montery Pop Festival popularized this culture and helped earn this fashion style status amongst varying generations.

Boho clothing, while unconventional, is often easily paired with other clothing items, due to the nature of its unfussed, and often ill-fitting designs. Skirts in particular tend to work well in many combinations, as long as accessories are paired suitably. Boho skirts are almost always long; maxi style, and sometimes split, displaying primarily floral designs, but can also take on a more ethnic, Indian vibe, with bright colours and intricate decorations.